Navtej Foundation


Navtej Foundation, an Indian charitable social development organization, is directly benefiting needy children and their families. Our Headquarter in Jaipur Rajasthan and we are working onobjects like education, health, employment and social security. Since 2020 navtej foundation has been concerting all its effort towards providing a valuable life to every needy human being. Navtej foundation through its projects like MISSION MUSKAN, MERE SAPNO KI UDAN, HONHAR PRTIBHA SAMMAN, MISSION SARVE SAMBL AND MANY MORE,creating a positive difference in the society



To spread awareness and strengthen the society through education, health, employment and a secure social system


With the concept of EK SABHYA SAMAJ KA NIRMAN (एक सभ्य समाज का निर्माण)।

We are connecting people and bringing the needy people in main stream of society.

We are providing the information and resources to avail the all schemes of government. We are making them aware and trying to bring the changes through family mentoring, seminars and workshops. We are providing access equipment, respite care, professional consultations and programs to assist citizen and families.

Navtej foundation is creating a hurdle free and friendly socio eco system so that every needy person can get a proper support.

Our Motive

To help as many human being as we can


To make a successful citizen we need to bring every child in main stream of society.


India is growing country but data indicates that in the health sector still remain challenges.


A good employment can secure a family and give a chance to earn the money with dignity.

Social Security

A secure society always positively motivates and provides an ambiance of progress and harmony.

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As a team we work for the people by the people’. Believing in this principle of MILKAR HATH BADHANA (मिलकर हाथ बढ़ाना) Navtej Foundation sensitizes the civil society in order to make them partners in its mission. Navtej Foundation working in close partnerships with donor, governing bodies and business communities, we strive towards creating a better world to live.


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